LEED Gold Certification


LAS VEGAS – An icon of environmental sustainability, CityCenter has set a new paradigm for the future of green tourism,  

Located at the center of the Las Vegas Strip, CityCenter was built with the vision of bringing a new level of environmental consciousness to the luxury travel experience and is now one of the world’s largest sustainable developments.  


The U.S. Green Building Council awarded LEED Gold certification to ARIA Resort & Casino’s hotel tower, convention center and theater, Vdara Hotel & Spa, Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas, Veer Towers and Crystals shopping and dining experience. This marks the highest LEED achievement of any hotel, retail district or residential development in Las Vegas. Using cutting-edge solutions, CityCenter operates responsibly without sacrificing the quality of materials or guest experience. In the more than two years since its opening, it has quickly become a venue of choice for conventions, conferences and leisure travelers.


Due to its size and purchasing power, CityCenter is driving green economies of scale in multiple industry segments, paving the way for other entities to build and operate sustainably. In 2009, the Forest Stewardship Council-US (FSC-US) honored CityCenter as the best commercial project of 2009 in the fifth annual Designing & Building with FSC Awards. CityCenter’s dedication to the use of sustainably harvested FSC-certified wood products is unprecedented in scale and resulted in a significant market transformation, including multiple wood suppliers receiving their FSC chain of custody certification to supply wood to the development. CityCenter has moved beyond existing green practices to empower industry-wide innovations, most recently winning the 2011 Best Sustainable Design Award from the International Council of Shopping Centers for Crystals.


Key Sustainable Highlights

  • The Las Vegas Strip’s first on-site natural gas-fired electricity generation, through its 8.5-megawatt,
    co-generation plant, providing efficient electricity (10 percent of overall CityCenter use), reducing emissions and using “waste heat” to provide all domestic hot water at CityCenter, including within its numerous pools
  • Water conservation technology and programs save approximately 40 percent of water within the buildings and 60 percent in outdoor landscaping, for an overall savings of approximately 50 million gallons annually
  • World’s first and largest fleet of stretch limos powered by clean-burning compressed natural gas (CNG)
  • Development of slot machine bases that serve as displacement ventilation units, efficiently cooling guests from the ground up, rather than wasting energy on empty space by cooling from the ceiling
  • Energy-efficient features provide a savings equivalent to powering 8,800 households annually




  • Each tower has energy-efficient exterior features to help reduce the heat transfer from the sun onto the buildings, including air-brows, reflective rooftops, specially coated windows and high-performance glass
  • CityCenter worked with manufacturers to invent designer water fixtures that deliver incredibly satisfying, pressurized showers while using a third less water
  • Outdoor landscaping was carefully selected to provide a beautiful array of native desert plant life, which is watered through a highly efficient irrigation system. The system is equipped with moisture controls to ensure watering is only done when necessary
  • Marquees, signs and slot machines are energy efficient



  • CityCenter offers sustainable options for meetings, conventions and events by incorporating environmentally responsible practices and services including sales kits constructed from recycled paper, organic and sustainable menu options and water stations instead of individually bottled water
  • ARIA’s banquet server uniforms are made from recycled polyester
  • CityCenter employees undergo LEED training as part of orientation, educating them about CityCenter’s green initiatives and how to do their jobs in line with the development’s green focus
  • Many restaurants focus on farm-to-table ingredients, buying produce, meat and dairy direct from responsible local growers
  • Spas are committed to using organic or wild-crafted paraben-free products, the implementation of a recycling program and use of recycled paper for spa materials
  • CityCenter utilizes green cleaning practices within the hotels, using products that minimize concerns to human health and the environment. Additionally, the areas where chemical use occurs are negatively pressurized with separate outside exhaust and no recirculation of air
  • All of CityCenter’s facilities have integrated recycling programs (In 2011, CityCenter successfully recycled 7,500 tons, or 47.5 percent of its waste)


Guest Experience

  • For the highest-quality, environmentally sustainable travel, CityCenter commissioned the world’s first and largest fleet of CNG stretch limos. The 26 silver, 24-foot Lincoln Town Cars are 100 percent dedicated to utilizing CNG. In addition to abundant U.S. natural gas reserves, CNG is one of the cleanest-burning alternative fuels available
    • Natural gas used by the CNG stretch-limo fleet produces significantly lower amounts of harmful emissions such as nitrogen oxides (35-60 percent less), particulate matter (90-97 percent less), carcinogenic and toxic pollutants such as carbon monoxide (90-97 percent less) as well as the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (25 percent less).  Source: U.S. Department of Energy
  • Guests arriving at CityCenter via carpool or in alternative-fuel vehicles have access to preferred parking spaces; bicycle valet services also are provided
  • Guests and residents using electric cars can take advantage of CityCenter’s electric vehicle charging station, conveniently located at Crystals’ valet
  • The ARIA Express tram provides convenient transportation between Monte Carlo, Crystals and Bellagio
  • Extensive natural light is utilized through skylights and expansive windows at CityCenter to reduce energy use
  • Many of the artists participating in CityCenter’s public Fine Art Collection used reclaimed materials in their works of art. For instance, Maya Lin’s “Silver River,” an 84-foot cast of the Colorado River, is made from 100 percent reclaimed silver; Nancy Rubins’ gravity-defying “Big Edge” includes recycled river and ocean vessels; and Isa Genzken’s steel and aluminum rose contains 75 percent recycled materials


Construction and Recycling

  • The Boardwalk Hotel was imploded to make way for CityCenter. Eighty percent of the previous structure was recycled into the building materials or sent elsewhere for reuse. Crushed blocks and mortar were used in dust abatement on the construction site and as aggregate in concrete and asphalt; recycled whole and broken glass, and bathroom fixtures were shipped to other countries for reuse after being wrapped in Boardwalk curtains and carpets as recycled packing materials; rocks that are used as part of the décor at ARIA’s Café Vettro were taken from the former Boardwalk Hotel
  • 95 percent of all waste from the construction of CityCenter was recycled
  • Collaborating with the nation’s foremost sustainability and LEED consultants, CityCenter introduced more than 10,000 construction trade and craftsmen to green building techniques that can be implemented at future developments
  • Ventilation systems were completely sealed until installation, protecting them from the dust, smoke and harmful particles present on a construction site. No smoking was allowed on the site once the ventilation was sealed, ensuring vastly higher indoor air quality
  • CityCenter used Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) wood, only taken from forests with responsible management practices. Low volatile organic compound (VOC) paints were used, along with enough sustainable certified carpet to cover 140 American football fields
  • Reclaimed water from the neighboring Monte Carlo Resort & Casino was used for dust control in place of precious drinking water, which contributed to savings of 2.4 million gallons of potable water
  • A concrete batch plant allowed concrete to be generated on site saving gas and energy
  • Each room was carefully sealed to prevent migration of tobacco smoke ensuring freshness and comfort for each guest 


CityCenter has not only redefined the Las Vegas skyline, but has also transformed the city into a global showcase of urban design and sustainability.

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